martes, 11 de julio de 2006


Hello, hello!!

Today, I' m pretty exited... oh, yeah! though a malefic cough is menacing my health, my spirit is not yet a broken one, and the main reason is...


So... you can imagine. My TO DO list it's quite long today, preparations, shopping, planning... I have to go to the airport and pick them up, you know. It's because they arrive too late for Denmark (23:00) and I don't want them wandering an unknown city alone yet. But I'm sooo happy!! I've prepared for them a huge social programme that, hopefully, they'll enjoy. I'm going to make sure we visit EVERYTHING.

Ok... I'm leaving you know then, need to cook my meal and go to class... something I'm not at all looking forward too..

Luck I'm meeting Janice for shopping!!!

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